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If you are actively seeking, and are serious about achieving success at the very highest levels, we have created, what has been described as the ultimate game changer. Specialist training designed to help accelerate your levels of success, by giving you a powerful, competitive and unrivalled edge to achieve your goal, in every situation.

For those who invest in understanding the vital importance of body language, the results will go beyond any Bachelor’s degree, MBA, or any other professional qualification. Because without question, it is your body language, which will play critical role on the level of success you achieve and, how quickly you achieve it – in every area of your life.



The Masterclass

What’s your goal?

  • Amplify Your Image To Create A Commanding & Charismatic Presence
  • Supercharge Your Ability To Influence and Negotiate
  • Learn How The World’s Top Sales People, ‘Sell’
  • Generate A ‘Golden Halo Effect’ To Build Instant Rapport
  • ‘Read’ Body Language To Gain Leverage In Every Interaction
  • Prepare Witnesses For Testimony In Court
  • Analysis Of Video Testimony
  • Detect Deceit
  • Deliver Highly Engaging Presentations/Pitches/Speeches With Awe-Inspiring Persuasiveness And Passion
  • Media Training – How To ‘Talk’ In Front Of A Camera

Whatever your objective, discover how the world’s most successful people create powerful outcomes, in every interaction.


Duration: 10:00 – 16:00

Location: On-site

Cost: £4,000 + Expenses (up to 15 delegates)

UK/Europe/USA/Middle East/Asia




The 1-1 Masterclass: Fully Customised Personal Training/Coaching 

You have goals, ambitions, challenges. You need training and coaching that goes beyond a one-size-fits all approach and a programme that surpasses what generic courses and broad stroke methods can achieve. Our 1-1 personal training & coaching session is tailored and developed around you and fully customised specifically for your unique requirements.


Duration: Up to 2 hours

Location: On-site

Cost: £799.00 + Expenses

UK/Europe/USA/Middle East/Asia



The 1-Hour Customised Body Language ‘Express Lesson’

For the busy professional, the ‘I Hour Express Lesson’ is a perfect opportunity to either  learn the core, key strategies of powerful body language, or simply boost your existing knowledge of non-verbal communication.


Duration: Up to 1 hour

Location: On-site

Cost: £499.00 + Expenses

UK/Europe/USA/Middle East/Asia



Buiness Consultations

For business consultation enquiries, please contact India Ford directly at: