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Having attended numerous communication and interpersonal skills courses throughout my life, I always sensed something fundamental was missing; as it turned out that ‘something’ was far more important than I could have envisaged – the incredible power of our non-verbal communication.

Most people would agree that much of our success in life is based on our ability to communicate effectively, but did you know, in every face-to-face interaction, only 7% of our communications comes from the words we speak? Our voice tone sends another 38%, but the lion’s share, 55% is delivered powerfully through our body language! And it is this unspoken, silent language which will ultimately account for far more than even the most carefully curated words.

Even when you’re silent, your body is continually communicating, sending out subliminal messages to everyone around you; so by the time you get a chance to introduce yourself, your body language will have already ‘spoken’ volumes about your levels of success, confidence, self-esteem, credibility and much, much more.

Discovering these powerful insights lit a spark which has remained to this day. Non-verbal communication is a subject I am very, very passionate about and every day I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to do what I love – whether it’s training, coaching, delivering a seminar or a key note speech, but the greatest delight of all is the sense of satisfaction I receive from witnessing my clients forge ahead, powerfully accelerating their levels of success, through this training, it is quite simply, overwhelming.

For those who invest in understanding the vital importance of body language, the results will go beyond any Bachelor’s degree, MBA, or any other professional qualification. Because without question, it is your body language, which will play one of the most crucial roles on the level of success you achieve – in every area of your life.