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Research by the Carnegie Institute revealed that even in technical industries such as Engineering  around 15% of your financial success will be down to your technical knowledge and the remaining 85% will come down to your skill in ‘human engineering’,  in other words your interpersonal intelligence and, your ability to influence others. 

The highest paid people are not those who are the most qualified for the job or the most intelligent, the highest paid people are those who possess one of the most valuable skills in business, an ability to influence a successful outcome. And it’s this powerful commodity global companies seek to increase revenue and ultimately, profit. 


The New Communication Model: The Silent Power of the ‘Physical’ side of Influence.

The world’s elite have a strategy, and it’s not what you think…

Throughout our lives we are told not to judge a book by its cover, yet we all do it, every day, on a powerful subliminal level. We are hardwired to create a first impression in less than one-second! Positive or negative, it will instantly influence  how we assess another person’s overall authority, confidence, competence and trustworthiness.

You may think your personality and character has no place in negotiations or discussions since you can influence others on an intellectual level — deliver the facts, figures, evidence, and people will make an informed, logical decision based solely on the merits of your argument. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth, why? Because the reality is, people buy people first; it’s how we’re hardwired, and if we don’t like the ‘messenger’ on a powerful subliminal level, we’ll be very resistant to their message.

We’re constantly told from a young age that working hard will help us achieve success. If that was true, we all know people who should be far more successful than they are. The fact is people work hard at the top and the bottom. Of course, working hard is important, but to reach the upper echelons of success, you have to be strategic about it, especially in a crowded business environment.

Before I ‘buy’ whatever it is you’re ‘selling’ there’s something far more important I need to buy first…you.

If you are looking to amplify your most powerful commodity in business- your ability to influence others – you first need to understand how the  human brain is influenced, when it comes to deciding if you are worth ‘buying’. The evolutionary part our brain is hardwired to operate on instinct and not logic; so as you walk in people will be picking up on the silent non-verbal cues you are unconsciously projecting, and in a split second they will decide if whatever you are about to say is worth listening to. This decisions is not a conscious act, it is all happening on a powerful, subliminal level. This is why body language training is no longer perceived as a soft skill, it is now considered to be a powerful personal development resource. It’s no coincidence, as part of their commercial strategy, the world’s most powerful global corporations are now investing heavily in learning to harness the 55% of our communication we leave on a default setting, to create a compelling and competitive edge, in every situation.

No matter how good your content, it’s your ‘delivery’ which will determine the outcome – positive or negative.

‘The impact of our non-verbal communication is so great that the levels of success we achieve in life will ultimately depend on how proficient we are at ‘talking’ this powerful, subconscious language’ – The New York Times


Learn how the world’s most powerful and successful people approach situations where failure is not an option.

For those who invest in understanding how to harness the power of their body language, the results will go beyond any Bachelor’s degree, MBA, or any other professional qualification. Because without question, it is your body language, which will play a vital role in the level of success you achieve, and how quickly you achieve it, in every single area of your life.


Talkbodylanguage: Your Partner in Success. Raising Your Game. 

Training and coaching designed to give you key strategies and  insights into how the the world’s most powerful and successful people create a ‘silent’ competitive edge, when looking to influence a successful outcome.