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`I highly recommend India to anyone seeking to elevate their influencing skills, particularly in the realm of strategic communication. India's transformative strategies are universally applicable across the board, and will elevate your strategic communication skills to the next level!'


- SONY PICTURES, President, Wayne Garvie


'Relying on outdated and ineffective strategies to succeed, particularly in high -stakes scenarios, is akin to playing a game of chess with only a few pawns at your disposal. No matter how many moves you make, you’ll never outmanoeuvre those who have the entire set of pieces and know how to use each one' - India Ford

Success at the highest levels demand cutting-edge strategies that transcend conventional thinking. Irrespective of the setting - whether it's spearheading a multimillion - pound pitch to a client or venture capitalist, delivering a pivotal speech or presentation, navigating a C-suite interview, or securing a courtroom victory - your success hinges on discovering what the world's top 1% do differently - to win. 

India Ford, the founder of TalkBodyLanguage, is an internationally acclaimed Business Consultant, Communication Strategist, Trainer, Executive Coach, and Keynote Speaker, based in Central London. Recognised as an industry and thought leader, India is highly sought after for her distinguished expertise in business communication strategy, strategic corporate training, and 1-1 leadership coaching. Her global recognition attests to her exceptional ability in guiding both companies and individuals toward success, particularly in high-stakes situations. 

Our clientele includes:

  • Major Advertising Companies

  • Media Corporations

  • Global PR Agencies

  • Leading Production Companies

  • Top Ranking Law Firms

  • High Profile Media Personalities


  • International Royal Families

  • Heads of State

  • Global Leaders of multiple Fortune 500 Companies

Confidentiality is paramount to us. While we proudly feature a few companies and individuals on the website, many others, distinguished by their prominence, remain undisclosed. This discreet approach reflects our unwavering commitment to confidentiality, upheld through rigorous non-disclosure agreements. 

'Success at the very highest levels demand cutting-edge strategies that transcend conventional thinking...'







'Success at the Highest Levels Demands Cutting-Edge Training Strategies that Transcend Conventional Thinking' 


Executive Leadership Mastery: Unlocking Your Potential to Lead With Vision and Impact.

 Empowering Women in Business: Powerful Strategies For Success in a Competitive Landscape 

Mastering Your Personal Brand: Elevate Your Presence and Impact in Every Interaction

 Pitching to Win: Deliver Compelling Presentations that Command Attention and Seal the Deal

Mastering Conflict Resolution in High-Stakes Environments with Diplomacy and Grace

Front of House Excellence: Elevating Customer Experience to New Heights of Hospitality

 Navigate Crisis with Confidence: The Crisis Communication Blueprint 

Strategic PR Excellence: Delivering Engaging Content that Captivates Audiences and Drives Results 

Location: Client Site/Virtual Platform

 UK/Europe/USA/Middle East/Asia


Ready to Elevate Your Game? 


'You have goals, ambitions, and challenges, and you need training and coaching that goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach...'


 Step into your power and unlock the confidence you need to thrive in every aspect of your life. Our personalised 1-1 coaching and training sessions are meticulously designed to cater to your unique needs, equipping you with the tools and techniques you need to overcome challenges in all areas of your life—whether professional, personal, or social. 


  • Amplify your confidence and assertiveness in any social and professional setting.

  • Develop powerful communication skills to dramatically enhance your ability to influence and connect with others.

  • Cultivate a powerful, commanding presence that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Empower yourself to overcome imposter syndrome and flourish confidently in every aspect of your life.

  • Navigate any professional, personal or social challenge with ease and grace, emerging stronger and more resilient

  • Whether face-to face or on-line, take your interview game to the next level and secure that coveted job or promotion.  

  • Establish a compelling personal brand identity that leaves a lasting impression and opens doors to new opportunities.


Whether you're on the path to career advancement, personal growth, or simply seeking to elevate your levels of confidence, credibility, and charisma, our personalised support is designed to empower you. Acquire the skills and insights necessary to leave a lasting impact, stand out, and confidently seize every opportunity with clarity and assurance.

Location: Client Site/Virtual Platform

UK/Europe/USA/Middle East/Asia


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Powerful I Strategic I Transformational  

Please rest assured that your personal data will never be used for marketing purposes or shared with any third party. 

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