"Non verbal communication is an elaborate secret code that is written nowhere, but understood by all..." - Edward Sapir

Numerous studies conducted throughout the world in institutions such as Harvard and Princeton have shown that at least 85% of human communication is conducted on a non-verbal level, a universal language, a language we are all hardwired to ‘speak’ and ‘hear’ - except we all speak and hear it on a powerful, subliminal level. This silent, formidable language transcends gender, background, culture and even educational levels.

This is why at TalkBodyLanguage we provide you with the master keys to help you unlock this secret code, and use it to maximise your full potential. No matter the setting or situation, you will learn the compelling key concepts of non-verbal communication and understand how to apply those concepts to help you present the very best version of yourself, in every situation.

Elite Body Language Training



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