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‘Did you know in every face-to-face interaction only 7% of our communication is delivered by the words we speak? Imagine what you could achieve if you could increase that number to 100%?...’



Regardless of the industry, the one business we are all in, is the people business… 

The most successful and powerful people in the world are not those who are the most qualified, the most intelligent nor the most experienced; but they do all have one thing in common: a high level of interpersonal intelligence, a skill which strengthens and boosts their influence.

Research by the Carnegie Institute revealed that even in technical industries such as Engineering around 15% of your financial success will be down to your technical knowledge and the remaining 85% will come down to your skill in ‘human engineering’, in other words your interpersonal intelligence, your ability to influence others.’ Andrew Carnegie 


Your skill to influence successfully – in any capacity - lies exclusively in your ability to communicate on two levels: verbal and non-verbal. This explains why body language training is no longer perceived as a soft skill, but is now considered to be a powerful interpersonal development resource.


This is why it’s no coincidence - as part of their global commercial strategy - the world’s most powerful and successful corporations are now investing heavily in understanding how to harness the silent language to create a powerful, strategic and competitive edge.​

For those who invest in understanding how to harness the power of their body language, the results will go beyond any Bachelor’s degree, MBA, or any other professional qualification. Because without question, it is your body language, which will play a vital role in the level of success you achieve, and how quickly you achieve it, in every single area of your life. If you are really serious about achieving your goal, in any area of your life, let’s talk…


Your Partner in Success

‘The impact of our non-verbal communication is so great that the levels of success we achieve in life will ultimately depend on how proficient we are at ‘talking’ this powerful, subconscious language’

- The New York Times

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